Brimondo is a proactive partner within strategic trademark and domain name services helping you to maximize and protect your brand value. We work with both local and global clients with single or multiple brand strategies.  One of the things we love is to have daring customers with a strong will to succeed.  We set out to define a new holistic way of working within the field of trademark and domain names, with your business goals and results in focus.

Our team of highly experienced and proactive colleagues work closely with you to optimize your trademark- and domain portfolios. The team has a mix of business and industry experience, we all share a joy to find challenges both at work and outside.  We only see opportunities and solutions no matter the challenge, contact us!

Our Promise

Brimondo helps you focus on your business goals by granting a successful handling of your trademark- and domain name portfolios. Our goal is to maximize and protect your brand value by being a proactive and strategic partner for your trademarks and domain names. 

Brimondo Services

Business Services

  • Trend and industry training sessions
  • Analysis of trademark and domain name portfolios
  • Portfolio strategy and implementation
  • Affiliate strategies


Legal Services

  • Acquisitions of trademarks and domain names
  • Investigations
  • Pre-process work
  • Legal takedowns
  • M&A
  • Monitoring and protection

Trademark- and Domain Name Services

  • Registrations
  • Renewals
  • Portfolio development and management


We are proud to work with both local and global clients with single or multiple brand strategies in different industries. One of the things we love is to have daring customers who set out to make a difference in their market for their customers.  We are happy to tell your more, contact us here.

The Industry

A trademark registration is essential for the business if you want to have exclusive rights to use a certain brand. With the ever growing online business the domain name is becoming the number one face towards the clients since it's being used in all the communication towards your stakeholders. The domain name is closely linked your IP-portfolio since domain names and trademarks goes hand in hand. You could say that the two are; a legal trademark (you registered trademark) and a digital trademark (domain name). If you work strategically, you will build up a highly valued portfolio and a more secure way of growing and protecting your business. 


Håkan Frostne

Business professional with background within branding and customer focused business development.
+46 761-198954


Nils Östebo

Founder of Brimondo with long experience of creating strategic domain and trademark portfolios for multinational companies.
+46 733-708008

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